VA Mortgages

Why VA Mortgage Programs

A VA Mortgage is a residential home loan created by veterans and is guaranteed by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. This loan is exclusively available to eligible American veterans or for their surviving spouses.

Since 1944, VA Mortgage loans are loans has helped millions of active-duty and ex-military families become homeowners. At Equity One Lending, we take pride in serving those who served our country in our armed forces.


It is very important to know and identify if you are one of those eligible for a VA mortgage. Eligible borrowers should have a Form DD-214, that should specify entitlement. Most National Guard and other active duty members are said to be eligible after their 90 days of service.

Advantages of a VA Mortgage

VA Mortgage require $0 down payment. That is the great advantage of this loan. With a VA mortgage, sellers can pay all closing costs as well. VA mortgages also have no monthly mortgage insurance premiums. This translates into low payments.

One-Time VA Funding Fee

Instead of mortgage insurance, the Veterans Administration charges borrowers a one-time funding fee. Disabled veterans may be waived of this fee.  The amount of the funding fee varies, based on down payment.


Unlike other loans, VA mortgages do not take a classic approach of calculating borrowing capacity. Their residual income approach to calculating affordability makes the most important requirement the borrower’s ability to repay the loan.

If you are a veteran and VA eligible, Equity One Lending can help you maximize your benefits with a VA mortgage.

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