Meet Our Team


We work together to provide the best service to our clients and referral partners.

Kwe Parker

Vice-President / Branch Manager

Opening Doors to Financial Freedom One Loan at a Time.

With over 20 years of real estate finance experience and thousands of families assisted nationwide, Kwe Parker has the rare diversity of experiences to help clients with simple and complicated mortgage, real estate and personal finance needs. In addition, Kwe is a media contributor, published financial author and a proud father of two. LEARN MORE
I feel privileged to be able to use my experience and education to help people reach financial goals.

Keisha Adams

Assistant Branch Manager

Smooth & Timely Closings are My Top Priority

Not all clients are the same. Keisha has the experience to help in many ways with all your real estate needs. She knows what tools to provide and utilize to ensure that client’s needs are taken care of, and that the client’s goals are accomplished. Being a professional in the mortgage industry, Keisha Adams brings a superior level of commitment experience to the table.

Anything short of excellence is unsatisfactory. Perfection may not be possible, but we can't go wrong striving for it.

Wanda Eiring

Production Assistant

Communication is Key - I Keep All Parties in the Loop

To Wanda great service is a large part of her business. That means frequent progress reports and updates on information to keep you up to date on your mortgage or your clients' statuses are vital. These are the some of the best possible ways of helping our referral partners shine and keeping our clients happy.

We value people above all else, because the people are what ultimately matter.

Whitney Hazard

Mortgage Loan Officer

The Goal is to Exceed Expectations

Whitney Hazard believes that the key to all great relationships with clientele involves a level of integrity. By being honest and understanding, Whitney really cares about your family’s needs and will help you get the most out of your investment. She gives honest answers, even if the best advise is not popular. That is one of the many reasons Whitney has so many satisfied clients and referrals.

People need to know that you care and will work with them to get the desired results.

Shaquavia Holmes

Production Assistant

Happy Clients & Referral Partners are Essential/big>

In order to make a positive change in the world Shaquavia thrives in the industry by meeting each opportunity with an open mind and heart. Shaquavia believes that any dilemma is a test of her ability and creativity. That is why she sees challenges as an opportunity to bring people together on common ground.

Each client and each relationship is too valuable to give anything less than our best on every deal.

Ben Franklin Hopkins

Production Assistant / Business Development

Strong Relationships are Based on Confidence

Ben Franklin has proven time and time again to have a very strong work ethic. Making sure that the client is satisfied is of the utmost importance to Ben. However, more important to Ben is the assurance that the end result is brought about with nothing short of honesty and integrity.

Delivery is everything. Talk is cheap. People want to see you deliver on what is promised.